Incubator Classroom

The Incubator Classroom is an experimental classroom space located on the fourth floor of the Convergence Center in 407. There are no regularly-scheduled classes in the space; rather, the room serves as a space for faculty to partner with the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies to try out new technologies and methods of teaching in a flexible space with a variety of emergent technology being implemented throughout the campus. The Incubator Classroom’s furniture is all on wheels and the room features 8 floor boxes with inputs for equipment to allow an endless variety of configurations. The full list of equipment includes:

  • 2 HD projectors
  • 1 Rear LCD Confidence Monitor
  • 2 PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) HD Cameras, one at the front and one at the rear
  • 4 46″ flatscreen displays on mobile carts with front-facing inputs
  • A lecturn with Mac Mini, BluRay player, document camera, and laptop inputs (HDMI, VGA, Ethernet)
  • A mobile podium with laptop inputs (HDMI, VGA, Ethernet)
  • 8 floor boxes throughout the room with a variety of inputs from power and network to podium connections and 4 spots for the displays to hook into
  • Wired and wireless microphones and a ceiling-mounted mic array
  • A server rack with a variety of control equipment (Crestron) including 2 HD capture boxes for recording and streaming lectures, 5 AirMedia boxes (more on this in a bit), and a full section of the rack for auxiliary inputs of a variety of types both in and out (HDMI, XLR, Composite, SDI, etc).
  • 16 iPad Minis with mobile charging/syncing cart
  • 6 Raspberry Pi kits
  • A 5th Generation Makerbot Replicator on a mobile cart
  • 6 Livescribe pens
  • 6 Verb Handheld Whiteboards
  • 18 Intersect Tables and 36 Caper Chairs all on casters

To reserve this room contact DTLT.