Advertising in the HCC

There are a number of ways to advertise in the Hurley Convergence Center, each with its own set of policies.

The following locations accept submissions:

The following locations do not accept ads of any kind:

  • Media Wall
  • Info Desk
  • White Boards and Glass Boards (boards are erased daily, even with the note “Do Not Erase”)
  • Tables, Chairs, and Ottomans
  • Walls, Doors, Windows, and Columns



HCC Advertising Policies


Bulletin Boards

  • Locations:
    • Outside bathrooms on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors
    • Classrooms
    • Conference rooms
  • All posters, except those posted on behalf of an official university department, must be approved by the Office of Student Activities and Engagement, in accordance with the UMW Posting Policy for Printed Material
  • Posters should include:
      • Name of Event or Service
      • Location
      • Event Date and Time OR End Date of recurring event/service
      • Contact Information
      • UMW Sponsoring Agency

Front Entrance Glassboard

  • The glassboard by the main entrance in the 2nd Floor Lobby accepts notices of events in the HCC for the current day only
  • Content should include:
    • Name of Event
    • Location
    • Event Date and Time
  • The staff at the Info Desk can provide dry erase markers, but it is up to the event organizers to write the notice

Eagle Vision Screens

  • Locations:
    • 1st Floor Digital Auditorium Lobby
    • 1st Floor IT Help Desk Waiting Area
    • 3rd Floor Hallway outside Classrooms
    • 4th Floor Hallway outside Speaking and Writing Center Suite
  • Open to anyone at UMW
  • Must meet all requirements noted on the Eagle Vision Website
  • Submissions are accepted through the Eagle Vision Submission Form

HCC Local Content Screens

  • Locations:
    • 2nd Floor Lobby Main Entrance
    • 2nd Floor Lobby Info Desk
    • 3rd Floor Lobby Library Bridge
    • 4th Floor Hallway outside TTI Suite
  • Limited to HCC offices and groups hosting events in the HCC
  • Submissions are accepted via the HCC Signage Submission Form
  • Submissions must follow the following guidelines:
    • Submissions must be formatted for 1920 x 1080 screens and fill the whole screen
    • You must have the appropriate rights for all images used in your submission, and/or attribute the creators when necessary
  • Templates for these screens can be downloaded from the signage submission form

Social Media

  • Events held in the HCC or notices about HCC services can be tweeted at or tagged with the following handles:
  • Relevant social media posts may be retweeted/shared by HCC social media accounts

HCC staff reserve the right to deny any advertising request that fails to meet any of the criteria listed above, or any content deemed inappropriate for public display.