Charnoff Production Studio


The Charnoff Production Studio (HCC 115) supports lecture capture and professional-grade media productions. The lecture capture requires minimal setup and allows for relatively quick video recordings. There are two HD and one 4K video camera on the studio floor, complete with teleprompters. Various microphones are available for a variety of recording configurations. The studio includes a 180 degree green cyclorama for the creation of large virtual sets with chroma keying. The control room houses a video switcher, digital audio mixer, patch panel for additional audio/video routing, and Clearcom system for communication with the studio floor.

The Production Studio can be reserved in 25Live Express Scheduling (after completing training with the DKC) at

For instructions and support resources on the Charnoff Production Studio, see the DKC Studio Guide.

Before using the Production Studio for the first time, all users must schedule training with the Digital Knowledge Center.

For simple projects we recommend students use the Mini Studio for easy access to a green screen and simple lighting.