Building Info Desk

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The HCC is a unique building at UMW. As such, we provide services through the main Information desk to help visitors find the services, spaces, equipment, and people they are looking for. The Information Desk is located inside the main entrance of the building on the second floor.

The students who staff the Desk can help with

  • directing you to the proper office or room in the building,
  • providing basic troubleshooting for the systems found in the public areas of the second and third floors,
  • loan out whiteboard markers and erasers, and
  • assist you with reserving a room in the HCC or checking on an existing reservation.
  • checking out equipment with your EagleOne card.

The Information Desk also manages Lost & Found for the HCC; unclaimed items are sent to the University police department every Friday evening.

The Information Desk’s hours of operation can be found on the HCC Hours page.