Digital Auditorium

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The Digital Auditorium is a two-story space that can be used for entertainment, classes, lectures, training, and performances. Seating in the space can be arranged a variety of ways, accommodating seating for up to 150 people or standing room for up to 300. The auditorium includes three screens (for side-by-side or single projection) and a full theatrical lighting system. The space can also be combined with the adjacent lobby and Convergence Garden to host distinctive events in the building.

To see examples of the many ways the Digital Auditorium can be configured, visit

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Event Policies

  • The Digital Auditorium must be requested at least two weeks in advance.
  • Recurring reservations in the Digital Auditorium are limited to one event per month. Weekly and daily reservations are not permitted.
  • Events must have an expected attendance of at least 30 to reserve the Auditorium. Priority is given to events that need more of the Auditorium’s full capacity (150).
  • Taping or pinning to the walls is not allowed, except with blue painter’s tape on the brick, wood, or metal surfaces. Nothing may be pinned or taped to the acoustic fabric walls.
  • The acoustic fabric walls (at the front of the auditorium and in the mezzanine) are fragile and should not be pressed or leaned on.
  • Emergency exits, fire alarm levers, fire extinguishers, and smoke/fire sensors must not be obstructed by decorations or furniture.
  • The large “barn door” must only be opened and closed by trained staff.
  • The use of glitter is prohibited.